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GLOSAS: New CD Now Available

By Vicente Parrilla on June 24, 2011 — 1 min read

The wait is over. I’m proud to present GLOSAS, More Hispano’s third CD: a very personal project which brings together original and unpublished material, and one that I’ve had in mind for a long time. Once again, a challenge.

If our previous recording (Yr a oydo, 2010) intended to confront the enormous demand posed today by improvisation within early music, the main idea behind “Glosas” is to produce a disc in which each and every note I play are, in one form or another, mine (except, of course, for the original melodies): improvised, composed, or—in the case of Ganassi’s glosas—chosen by me.

Glosas CD More Hispano Vicente Parrilla - inlay

Glosas — International Classical Music Awards (ICMA) Nomination - 2012 edition
GLOSAS - Disco Excepcional



1. Repertoire:

  1. De tous biens playne — Roelkin (fl. 15th c.) / H. van Ghizeghem (ca. 1445-1497) [04:18]
  2. Chi me dara piu pace — Marchetto Cara (ca. 1465-1525) [04:01]
  3. Per dolor me bagno il viso — Bartolomeo Tromboncino (1470-d.1534) [05:32]
  4. Mille regretz — Luys de Narváez (fl. 1526-49) / J. des Prez [03:31]
  5. Mille regretz — Josquin des Prez (ca. 1450-1521) [04:03]
  6. Igno soave — Philippe Verdelot (ca. 1480-ca.1530) [06:19]
  7. Madonna per voi ardo — Philippe Verdelot [05:46]
  8. Anchor che col partire — Cipriano de Rore (ca.1515-1565) [06:33]
  9. Une jeune fillette — Anon. (pub. 1576) [05:44]
  10. Doulce Memoire — Pierre Regnault dit Sandrin (ca. 1490-ca.1560) [03:59]
  11. Counterpoint on Ave Maris Stella — Vicente Parrilla (*1977) [02:49]
  12. Counterpoint on La Spagna — Diego Ortiz (ca. 1510-1570) / Vicente Parrilla [03:44]
  13. Diferencias sobre La Dama le demanda — Antonio de Cabezón (ca. 1510-1566) [02:38]
  14. Passacaglia — (free improvisation) [09:15]


  • Improvised glosas by Vicente Parrilla: track 1
  • Glosas by Vicente Parrilla after S. Ganassi (1535): tracks 2, 3, 6, 7, 10
  • Glosas by Vicente Parrilla: tracks 5, 8, 9

2. A video of the Passacaglia improvisation, filmed live during the recording sessions of GLOSAS (track 9):

You thought “Yr a oydo” was good? Then “Glosas” will knock you out!
Alina Rotaru, clavecinista, Bremen.

3. Audio samples:

4. Performers:

GLOSAS was recorded at the same time as our previous disc, taking advantage of the available gaps during four hectic days in April of 2009 when we recorded Yr a oydo, which was a terrific effort on the part of the musicians involved, who I thank from my heart.

Vicente Parrilla, recorders, direction
Raquel Andueza, soprano
Miguel Rincón, lute & theorbo
Fahmi Alqhai, viola da gamba
Rami Alqhai, viola da gamba
Johanna Rose, viola da gamba
Jesús Fernández, lute
Javier Núñez, harpsichord
Álvaro Garrido, percussion


6. Now available:


GLOSAS is also available as an audio download in iTunes.

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